IDA Capacity Building Ranger Exchanges

The IDA Capacity Building Ranger Exchange funding round for 19/20 is now OPEN. Applications will close mid October.

The IDA provides funding to Indigenous groups working in the desert to undertake ranger exchanges. Ranger exchanges support professional capacity development of desert rangers by maintaining connections between rangers working across the desert (and elsewhere in Australia) and by providing a platform for exchange of information and enhancement of skills and knowledge. Ranger groups who undertake exchanges report back at the annual IDA conference during ranger to ranger sessions.

What are ranger exchanges?

It might be that be that a group is just starting out on their journey to develop a ranger team. One of the best ways for new or emerging ranger groups to understand more about the job is to spend time with a group who has been doing ranger work on their country for a while. For instance, a few members of a group that is just starting out might accompany a ranger team on a typical work week. It is a bit like work experience.

We have also heard that many of you would like the opportunity to undertake exchanges with groups from outside of the desert who are doing similar work, but in a different environment. We like the idea too and think that this is a good way for desert rangers to feel connected to the work that rangers are doing across Australia, learn new skills and to access broader support networks.

 These are just some examples but we are keen to hear what you are interested in doing!

 If you are interested in undertaking a ranger exchange please get in contact with the IDA at and ask for a copy of the funding application and guidelines.