The annual Indigenous Desert Alliance Conference  is the largest annual gathering of desert rangers in Australia. At the conference we focus on strengthening our alliance, discussing matters of regional importance, sharing information, regional project development and stakeholder engagement.

The IDA Southern Desert Ranger Forum brings  ranger teams together to build relationships, share information, enhance skills, undertake formal training in land management and set priorities for regional collaboration.

The biennial Species of the Desert Festival brings rangers, scientists and stakeholders together to build knowledge and develop strategies to look after the many species that call the desert home.

Ranger to Ranger Exchanges support professional capacity development of desert rangers by maintaining connections and encouraging peer to peer skills and knowledge transfer between rangers working across the desert and beyond.


At the core of our advocacy work is the recognition that the voice of the Indigenous desert rangers must be heard. A central feature of all IDA events are the ‘ranger to ranger’ sessions where Indigenous rangers are able to speak freely with each other about things that matter to them. The outputs from these sessions inform much of the focus of the advocacy work of the IDA. Through our well established networks we are able to build support for these matters and bring issues to the attention of decision makers.


Meaningful partnerships are needed to securing the future of Indigenous land management in the desert. The IDA works with a range of partners across sectors to promote desert land management, facilitate access to expertise and in the development and resourcing of collaborative projects that can achieve regional impacts.